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History of Sailing

With two thirds of the earth’s surface covered by water, it is no surprise to see majority of people on this planet living near the sea coast. For hundreds of years, wind was the only main energy source helping man to cover long distances over seas, as these distances proved to be too tough to overcome by using muscle power and paddles only. The main purpose of this article is to investigate the history of sailing. Looking back in the sailing history let us start with the most primitive vessels, which were little more than trees with a piece of cloth tied on top. With building of more sophisticated boats and advancements, sailors improved...

Lighthouse of Alexandria

It all started in the early 90s, when huge volumes of concrete were thrown into the sea in the eastern port of Alexandria, to fend off the waves of the Mediterranean fortress built on the island of Pharos in 1477 the Mameloukos Sultan Kait-Bey, on the foundations of the ancient lighthouse. The filmmaker Asma El Mpakri shuddered at the sight of boulders threatening to bury forever an important part of world historic heritage. The blocks were "sit" on antiquities. So in October 1994, six French and six Egyptians divers began underwater surveys to identify and record parts of buildings and monuments of ancient Alexandria. Sphinxes, obelisk...

History of Yachts

The Original Yacht Derived from the Dutch term "jagen", meaning to hunt or chase. Τhe word Yacht usually refers to a small, fast craft which is excellent for small voyages and short crossings. Originally this meant a fully rigged vessel that was smaller than a pinnace but large enough to be fully decked over. Defined as such back in 1742, what classified as a Yacht had changed from the years preceding this and would change in the centuries following it. Today, as the capabilities of Yachts increase, everything from a luxury motorized cruise liner to a private family boat is labeled as one, with all the material prestige that comes with i...

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