The Pride of Florida's Boating

Renegade Power Boats have succeeded in business for the simple fact, we at Renegade believe that dollar for dollar our boats are the best on the market today and we will continue to offer the best in the years to come with pride and integrity.We want to satisfy the needs and safety of our customers above all.Before shopping for your new boat it's important to think about these two factors:

  • What activities do you and your crew expect to enjoy with your new boat?
  • Determine the monthly budget you are willing to allocate toward your boat.
Renegade has a boat for every need and every budget.Taking a closer look at the Renegade boats Graphics. Renegade goes a step beyond other boat builders. Renegade uses no wood in its boats and the majority of the cockpit is made of a single molded fiberglass liner.Take a look at the wide selection of boat types available here at Renegade Power Boats and decide what's best for you.We definitely respond perfectly, keeping the bow up and holding the line through the arc!