Delta Power Boats is a young company with great experience. We started in 2002, not empty-handed, but with two empty hulls. They evolved into the Delta 25 and Delta 32 SC CE. Both are designed to bring their owners "quickly and safely from A to the island". In addition to lodging and with an unbeatable operating economy.

When, after a few years made more than 20 Delta 32 and more than twice as many Delta 25, we took courage for us to build a larger model, where our designer Lars Modin also designed a new hull. Delta 40 Walkaround was shown in autumn 2006 and were delivered by model year 2007th With an understated yet luxurious interior and a hull that left most in the wake became Delta 40 WA beginning of the next generation of Delta-boats.

Already in the autumn of 2007 we were able to show new Delta 29 Sidewalk, which is best described as an enlarged Delta 25 on a Reduced Delta-40-hulled. Sidewalk, the submerged deck along the starboard side, was that both young and old, even the dog could get to the foredeck of trouble.

By listening to our customers was the next model Delta 34 Sidewalk. Considerably more spacious than the Delta 32, Delta's new hull form and sidewalk concept. Designed specifically for the family who not only want access to the island, but also live comfortably on board. Delta 34 SW was introduced in autumn 2008, in the midst of the worst economic crisis, but was still being our biggest success so far with 16 copies delivered to the summer of 2009.

The next Delta model will be ready before autumn 2010 is the Delta 54 IPS. There is a big step up that required a completely new hull, designed specifically for Volvo Penta's IPS drive. The goal was that with all Delta models to achieve high speeds with low fuel consumption and minimal wave formation. The entire boat is being built because of the light and strong carbon fiber material and the first tests indicate that we have once again succeeded in creating a unique and in-class hull.

Delta Power Boats is now Scandinavia's fastest growing brand, with established retailers in the strategic markets in Scandinavia!