About Maestral Ribs

AD Boats Ltd. have been an important part of growing nautical business of Prevent Group of companies since 2008. Prevent is Germany-based multinational company with over 11.000 employees, more than 35 production facilities worldwide and is a major global supplier to car industry with customers like Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen etc.

On the Adriatic sea for over the 35 years  Maestral is a synonym for inflatable boats. The most talked about and the most memorable name. The impressive number of tens of thousands manufactured vessels says enough about the exceptional popularity of these inflatable boats - not only in Croatia, but also in North America, Western Europe, on the Mediterranean...

With its simplicity, purity of form and it practicality, Maestral justifies the popularity of inflatable boats all around the world.

Maestral inflatable boats are constantly improved, an new models are constantly added. Teams of designers, engineers and craftsmen use the latest technologies and top notch materials in the manufacturing process. The quality and durability of Maestral boats is known also to many professional users - our boats are used by the US Coast Guard, fire fighting teams in Germany and Slovenia, German Red Cross, Slovenian and Croatian Army and Special Police forces...

Maestral inflatable boats are manufactured according to ISO 6185 standards and have certificates from the Croatian Boat Register and the Germanischer Lloyd.